404 page not found (the expo)

I wil take part in the groupshow “404 Page Not Found” at Kunstenhuis Harelbeke.
In this expo contemporary artworks will be shown next to science artefacts.
Doing so the border between what is art and science gets thinned out.

Participating artists:

Amélie Bouvier
Annelys Devet
Arne Wastyn
Athar Jaber
Dirk Zoete
Eleni Papadopoulou
Fisers Mikelis
Haseeb Ahmed
Indre Svirplyte
Isabel Cavenecia
Jan Vandeplancke
Jessie Yingying Gong
Karel Verhoeven
Kasper De Vos
Liesbeth Vanheuverswijn
Louis De Cordier
Maïly Beyrens
Mathias Casaer
Myrthe van der Mark
Nina De Vroome
Pablo Castilla Heredia
Phelim Hoey
Sharon Van Overmeiren

Curated by Frank Merkx (Robert&Frank Frank&Robert)

On view from 04.10.2020 until 29.11.2020
More Info: Kunstenhuis Harelbeke


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